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Welcome to Your Ballpark Insurance Quote

This estimate is based on but not limited to the following major factors:

  1. A combination of information you enter, please be as complete as possible.
  2. Proof of prior insurance.
  3. Your insurance score …
    1.  There are many factors used to determine your score. Some of the more common factors are:
      1. Payment history (delinquencies or late payments)
      2. Length of time of credit history (when was your credit
         history established?)
      3. Type(s) of credit (credit cards, finance company installments, etc.)
    2. When determining your score, gender, marital status, age, ethnicity, address and income are not considered.
  1. Claim history.

Please note: Completing this quote form you are giving the Brownell Insurance Center the authority to secure the necessary reports required by our companies to secure a quote.

You will be called in 1 to 2 business days by one of our agents.




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