About Us

Welcome to Brownell Insurance Center, Inc. and
Brownell Financial Services Group, LLC.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, professional, family-style insurance agency. Our goal is to have a pleasant, service oriented environment for our clients. Thank you for selecting our company for your insurance needs. Clients’ needs are our number one concern.

Our Mission:

There are many other agencies that can provide insurance coverages to protect your family and business, but none of them offer the SERVICE you can expect from Brownell Insurance Center, Inc (BIC) and Brownell Financial Services Group, LLC (BFSG). Our mission is to help you identify your business and personal insurance needs accurately and professionally. We will then diligently find the most cost effective solutions available to accomplish your insurance needs and goals. BIC/BFSG is committed to providing its clients with superior service for all of their insurance needs and treating all people with respect and understanding.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that quality service is essential to the success of our agency. To preserve the prosperity of the agency and therefore the prosperity of our employees and our community, client satisfaction is foremost in our consideration. To this end, we portray professionalism, dependability and integrity.
We consistently serve our clients with the utmost attention. We are courteous, respectful and understanding while soliciting new clients and servicing current clients. Superior service attracts and retains customers.
We believe that our employees who embrace teamwork, share responsibility and support each other provide the best client service. We promote initiative and the free exchange of ideas.
We build strong relationships with our companies’ underwriters in order to effectively meet our clients’ needs. We stay informed of company procedures and provide them with complete and accurate information. Education is paramount to being successful and we encourage all of our staff to be avid learners of the insurance industry.

Our Code of Ethics:

To Our Clients

  • We regard the insurance business as a distinct opportunity to serve society.
  • We will strive to render the full measure of service that would be expected of a superior agency.
  • We will analyze the insurances needs of our clients, and to the best of our ability, recommend the coverage to suit those needs.
  • We will endeavor to provide the public with a better understanding of insurance.
  • We will take an active part in civic, charitable and philanthropic movements which contribute to the public good of our community.